How To Save Important Content on Slack

By Maria Mestre, 24th Feb 2023

Slack has become an essential tool for remote teams worldwide, making the possibility of seamless collaboration and communication a reality.

But, as teams grow and discussions become more complex, it’s essential to ensure that the information you share on Slack doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, the platform provides you with a host of ways that help you save important content.

Let’s take a closer look at how Slack helps you save important content so that you never have to waste a single minute trying to locate information.

1. Pin important messages

Pinning messages is useful if you want to keep important information like announcements, resources, or discussions easily accessible for future reference.

Simply hover your cursor over the message and click the three vertical dots that appear on the right-hand side. Then select ‘Pin to channel’ and select the channel you want to pin the message to.

2. Use Slack's "Save" feature

Slack’s ‘Save’ feature is another simple yet effective way to keep track of your important information. It can be incredibly useful for messages that contain important links or even instructions that you may need to refer to at a future date.

So how do we go about saving a message? Simply hover your cursor over the message you want to save and click on the save icon (shown below). Then select ‘Add to saved items.’ Once this is done, the message will be saved in the ‘Saved items’ section which you can access on the top left-hand side menu.

3. Create a dedicated channel for important content

Another way companies keep everything around a topic in a single location is to create a dedicated channel for that topic. You can use this channel to save information such as files, screenshots, as well as have targeted discussions.

Even if you get a new member added to your team, they will be able to access the complete history of the project without having to check with someone else.

Be sure to communicate to your team that the channel is reserved exclusively for content that is relevant to the topic of the channel. Make sure that all the right people get added to the channel too to avoid having parallel discussions in other channels.

4. Knowledge base apps - the new way of structuring your Slack content

There are apps that are specifically targeted at the issue of saving important content on Slack. We wrote a blog post about some of the most promising ones here. DataQA is a knowledge base app that helps save, bookmark and organise the content on Slack to make sure you never miss an important update, or lose track of important shared content.