Easy, Instant, Impact.

Rapidly save or create high quality text and video knowledge that drives impact.

Search and give feedback on answers within Slack so employees never need to leave their workflow.

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How dataqa Works

Create answers in three simple steps.

1. View your teams FAQs

DataQA detects questions from Slack channels, organises them into topics and adds them to the DataQA dashboard for you and your team review, edit and answer. Alternatively you can add new questions yourself.

2. Save or create answers in seconds

Any team member can crowdsource and save discussions from Slack to answer questions, or create new answers using text or a video that captures their screen, webcam and mic - once finished the answers are added to your knowledgebase and ready to use.

3. Find answers instantly

Employees ask DataQA questions via Slack - DataQA then suggests answers from the knowledge base that they can read or watch as they work.

Don't want to pause your music with watch videos? No problem. All videos have automatically generated captions.

Everyone can participate

Employees can upvote answers that help, and let others know when they can't find an answer - highlighting quality issues or gaps in knowledge.

View and reward top creators and contributors via the DataQA web dashboard.

empower employees to contribute knowledge

Seamless Adoption
Employees love the ease of getting answers within their existing workflow.
Actionable feedback
Anyone can like or give feedback to improve the quality of answers and highlight whats missing.
Reward Creators
Employees can win achievements and rewards for creating high quality answers, shown on a leaderboard.

Security that meets the highest industry standards.

Secure encryption of data
Encrypted and hosted securely.
GDPR compliant
Customers’ personal information is maintained and secured in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).