Unlock your teams knowledge, using video.

DataQA is a video-based FAQ platform to save important information, stop repetitive questions and get answers instantly.

Inside Slack or alongside web pages, DataQA works with your current workflow.

Boost productivity by sharing high quality, video based knowledge.

Discover Knowledge Gaps

Drive impact and fill knowledge gaps with analytics that give you an instant grip on the top questions being asked in your organisation, and provides insight into knowledge re-use.

Onboard New Joiners

From processes to systems, products to insights; have new team members hit the ground running with all the information they need with video-answers recommended inside of Slack.

Upskill Employees

Have experienced team members handover and share knowledge to up-skill junior colleagues, and save time answering repeat questions or waiting for answers.

Enhance Your Entire Organisation

Boost your customer and supplier experience by homogenising answers and accelerating pipelines, processes, issues resolution and knowledge access.

Attract and Retain the Best Talent

The current generation expects video. Provide a engaging and fun employee experience that minimises interruptions and provides the answers they need to do their best work.

Future proof your knowledge.

Keep knowledge safe
Record and save the most important information from your applications, so you never lose anything if you migrate away from them.
Build quality knowledge
Easy creation, feedback and rewards features increase the knowledge quality, relevance and depth over time.
60 Second Answers
Employees struggle to read long written documentation and articles. DataQA answers are short and to the point, perfect for fast moving organisations.
Desktop, mobile and VR
DataQA’s video first approach is relevant for today and the future of work - with content accessible on all surfaces including desktop, mobile and VR.