How you can get instant answers inside Slack by integrating a smart documentation assistant

By Stuart Quin, 20th Mar 2023

The availability of important technical information is a key requirement for developers, programmers, and product managers—and one of the best ways to do it is through documentation.

Generally, platforms like Github are used to document processes and any questions that are related to their product or service; however, integrating a smart documentation assistant into Slack can make these processes much simpler and easier to navigate.

Why should tech companies consider integrating a smart documentation assistant?

Saves time

In most cases, if developers need to view the documentation then they need to switch out of their communication channel—which in most scenarios is Slack—to Github or any other external documentation platform to find answers by viewing the documentation.

Integrating an AI-powered documentation tool into Slack can help them view the documentation and find answers quickly without wasting time switching between platfo


Convenience is a key feature that most businesses consider when it comes to adopting new technology.

Many businesses still use a number of different apps and platforms to perform their day-to-day duties.Having all the communication, collaboration, and documentation tools in Slack is much more convenient than using separate apps.

It not only helps developers save time on non-value-added tasks but also allows them to focus their energies on making the best product possible.

Increased productivity

Increasing productivity is perhaps one of the most common objectives that every business looks to achieve. This is where the right app can help instantly access information that improves workflows that leads to higher productivity and better business outcomes.

The ability to obtain access to accurate information helps reduce errors and also makes the decision-making process much more efficient.

Enhanced collaboration

Having a centralised location where information is stored and can be accessed by every team member leaves little room for confusion and opens the door for increased collaboration.

Additionally, if there are new members joining the team, having a central location where all important documents and other information can be stored makes it much easier for new members to get up to speed and collaborate with each other.

How can an AI integration tool be integrated?

Step 1: Choose an app

The market is flooded with smart documentation assistants—such as DataQA, Slab, and Seismic—and it’s important to select the right tool.

When selecting the tool, always consider one that meets your business needs and falls within your budget. Ensure that it’s something that your entire team will be comfortable working with and can easily navigate.

Step 2: Install the app in Slack

Once you’ve done your research and due diligence and selected the right tool that compliments your business then it’s time to install the app in Slack.

You can do this by accessing the Slack App Directory and searching for the app. Once you’ve found the app you can click on the ‘Add to Slack’ button to begin installing the app.

Step 3: Test the app

Once the installation process is completed and the app is successfully connected to your source of data, have a testing period where your team can get familiar with the app and the features that it offers.

You can begin by asking a simple question in Slack and letting the app provide the answer to your query.

Get the answers you want with Slack

Having access to the information you need, when you need it can be important especially if you’re working to meet a tight deadline.

With tools like smart documentation assistants, you don’t have to rely on your message being seen and responded to by your team members. Businesses that use similar tools are realising that it helps save time, makes collaboration easier, and is much more convenient.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your team more productive and streamline your processes, then install a smart documentation assistant today!